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Iron City Brewing Co


I'm composing this as I try valiantly--or foolishly--to finish the second bottle of Iron City. Say it with me: ARNFUCKIN'CITY!! We drank this gleefully when we were dumbass college kids, even though it tasted horrid back then as well, because it was $1.99 a six pack. Well, I saw this on the shelf this afternoon, and remembering dimly there was some discussion about the "new" aluminum bottle, I shelled out $6.99 for a sixer (much to my embarrassment). I drank the first one from the bottle. Oof. Just as acrid and chemical as I remember. This beer is best choked down ice-the-hell cold, if at all. Without warning her ahead of time, I offered my long-suffering wife a sip. She immediately wrinkled her nose, then I swear she tried to run away from the flavor. She chugged the rest of her bottled water, then called me several nasty names I can't repeat on such a family-friendly website. She threatened not to let me in the house with the rest of the six-pack, but I plied her with a Real Ale Full Moon Rye Pale Ale, and she relented. I'm staring at the remainder of the second beer, glaring back at me a malevolent shade of jaundice in my beer glass, and I'm telling you friends, I'm pretty sure I'm pouring it out. The aluminum bottle touts how it'll keep it colder and crisper; well...colder maybe, but there's nothing "crisp" about this beer. It's somewhat appalling. And please don't tell anyone what I payed for this travesty.

Reviewed: September 24, 2005

Rating: 0/10

After over a decade of writing reviews for TOBP, I seem to have run out of synonyms for "ass." Really, how many times can you call a beer "ass" or "ball sweat" before it becomes cliche? My guess is you were tired of that in 1998. So, when you want to find new ways to insult something/someone, I say, "ask a foreigner." So I checked with an Australian friend of mine (true pros in the art of the insult, I think), and it was suggested that I call this "Gin's Piss." The bonus is, while such a comment could result in accusations of civil rights violations in Oz, here in the States it means absolutely nothing. Aside from just sounding really bad. So, here's to Iron City.....Gin's Piss!

Reviewed: August 30, 2008

Rating: 0/10

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