Macedonian Thrace Brewery


Sigh, here we go again... OK, THIS is the best Greek beer I've ever had, And dammit, this time I mean it. Not the best beer I've ever had, but if poured into a glass and served alongside mega lagers from Germany, the Netherlands, etc, I think you would agree that Hillas brings game to the table. It had a pleasant hop aroma coming from the nicely built head, and a pretty golden color. I can imagine this is the stuff that real Greeks are drinking, instead of the stuff they export. Nice understated label too, not flashy for tourists, which tells me they don't have anyone to impress, they let the beer talk for them. I bet this would be good with Spanish or Tex-Mex, and if given the choice, I'd have this over Peroni or Moretti with Italian food.

Reviewed: May 22, 2005

Rating: 6/10

Hey, nice touch. A brown bottle, so it won't get skunked if you export. Everyone else puts their beer in the trendy green bottle so sheep will buy their oxidized, skunky Eurobeer. Hillas is a clean, crisp lager, a deep golden color in the pint glass. An honest beer that would stand up to the exotic flavors in Greek dishes--especially all that garlic, that Kris loves so much (just kiddin', Kris!) My thanks to Steve for sending me a bottle of this. I'm saddened it isn't distributed in my area, but hopeful that it will be soon.

Reviewed: December 10, 2005

Rating: 5/10

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