Colônia Malzbier

Cervejaria Sulbrasileira Ltda


Ben Franklin once said, "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." If that's the case, Colônia is proof that God might be seriously displeased with who we are as a species. Homer Simpson certainly wouldn't kill anybody for a drop of this. In fact, he might not even get out of bed. You get the point. It sucks. It had a sickly overly sweet taste, way too syrupy. Just disgusting. It got to the point where I dreaded the next sip, and once I reach that point, instead of my mouth I pour the beer into the sink. If I could've sent this to the depths of hell instead, I would've, but the sewer system was good enough. Mixed in with human waste, alligators, used tampons, etc was a good enough finish for Colônia.

Reviewed: September 24, 2005

Rating: 0/10

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