Young's Waggledance Honey Ale

Wells & Young's Brewing Co


As you know by now, Young's has a habit of picking odd names for their beers (How'd you like to drink a nice Dirty Dick?). This is no exception. Waggledance is a British expression for the strip tease performed by old, wrinkled, over-the-hill strippers that are just sagging everywhere. Apparently, London's red light district has a couple of nudie bars that feature such dancers that appeal to the modern hip crowd, kind of like the Claremont Lounge in Atlanta. Just bags of waggling flesh everywhere, so in honor of that, they named a beer after it. Hey, had you going there, didn't I? Seriously, a waggledance is the type of pattern a bee flies after it's doped up on pollen, to attract other bees, so they can create honey. Hence the honey ale. But my story was more entertaining, wasn't it? Light ale, slightly sweet, definite session beer qualities. Now go back to thinking about 50 year old strippers with Dunlap bellies, you perv.

Reviewed: October 01, 2005

Rating: 5/10

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