Old Slug Porter

RCH Brewery


I tell you, some of the names the English come up with for their beers are completely out there (then again, they're probably thinking, "Dead Guy Ale? WTF?"). Apparently, the brewery had an issue of slugs getting into the brewery, so they chose the logical step of naming their porter after them, because the trail on the glass reminded them of a slug's train. This had a nice hint of coffee and chocolate, and because it was bottle conditioned, it had a beautiful head, reminding me of a root beer float's head. I've heard of some people using stouts to make an ice cream float. If I ever use a beer for such a purpose, I think it'll be this one. Plus, Old Slug has curative powers....I was developing a migraine right before I started drinking this, and Wham! It went away.

Reviewed: October 15, 2005

Rating: 7/10

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