Xingu Black Beer

Cervejarais Kaiser


"Start the plane!! Start the plane, Jack!!" I hollered as I tore down the hill, a horde of poison dart-shooting Yanomami hot on my tail. Diving into the river, I grabbed the struts of the float plane just before it lifted off. I managed to crawl into my seat, only to find and immense python crawling up my crotch... Whoops, wake up, dude. Indiana Jones you ain't. I could see him polishing off a few of these, though, in the steamy Brazilian jungle. This is a schwarzbier--a dark lager--named for a tributary of the Amazon. It's pronounced "Shin-GOO". Very nice little brew, and quite a surprise. Dark as the Orinoco (groan), it's malty and sweet, though not overly so. It was a tad pricey, but all in all, worth the price. If you see it in your area, pick it up. Snakes...why did it have to be snakes...

Reviewed: November 12, 2005

Rating: 7/10

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