Rogue Chipotle Ale

Rogue Ales


Do you like chipotle peppers? Much milder than plain jalapenos, they lend a wonderful smoky, roasted flavor to Southwestern dishes. I'm smitten with 'em. They go in every pot of Chili or Southwest Chicken Stew I concoct. Having said you also like to eat things that sound like they shouldn't go together, but somehow do? I like peanut butter and mayonnaise. Last night my wife made a middle Eastern cucumber salad with yogurt, mint, garlic, and several other herbs I can't recall. The taste explosion was intense. I ate with gusto. Where am I going with this? I love chipotles. I love intense flavors. But at some point, you gotta say, "Whoa. What are you thinking?" That's what I thought with this beer. It's very handsome; a burnished golden brown in the glass. But you take a whiff, and you smell chili. Bleah. The first sip bursts with that delicious Rogue aley goodness, then the smokey chipotle hits you. Damn, am I drinking a bottle of chili? Some things work. This one didn't. On a positive note, I am at least sitting here enjoying the after-burn of the peppers now that the beer's gone down. Mmm...peppers...

Reviewed: November 20, 2005

Rating: 4/10

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