Cerveceria Argentina S.A. Isenbeck


I found this in the LCBO. Right out of the blue and just in time for summer. They had a lot of it and it was cheap. Curious, isn't it? Anyway this is a watery lager. Doesn't taste bad. But what taste is there is boring, and it's too carbonated. It quenches a thirst and that's about it. Think Coors but more carbonated, and maybe a touch more taste but just a touch. It made for a good addition to a pot of chili. I checked the brewer's website and didn't see a product listed under this name. I suspect that this is "Isenbeck" sold and marketed under a different name for the North American (or at least Canadian) market. It wouldn't surprise me if Molson has something to do with it's suddenly wide availability, a la "Marca Bavaria" a few summers ago. Particularly with Molson's recent history of buying up South American breweries.

Reviewed: November 12, 2005

Rating: 3/10

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