Reaper Ale Deathly Pale Ale

Bayhawk Ales Inc


This bomber was exploding with hops, citrus flavor and effervescence. Literally exploding. I popped the top, and it reminded me of Rocky's Saison that he brewed in March of 2004. It fizzed up and over all over my counter, the floor, and finally into the sink. At least Rocky was nice enough to warn me that his got a little over-carbonated. No such warning here. I think Reaper was trying to go for the "extreme" classification with an insanely high IBU, but then they went produced it at 5.4% ABV. Seriously, what the hell is that? Look at Stone, Dogfish Head and others like them. They kick you in the jimmy with their IBU's, and ensure you sleep soundly with their ABV. After Reaper, I was actually contemplating operating heavy machinery. Any other beer and it would've been one thing, but with a name like Reaper, you're trying to invoke the image of a zymurgical badass, so a 5.4% ABV is like having your mascot be a Devil, and then having it be some gay color like blue or something. Right, Duke fans?

Reviewed: November 20, 2005

Rating: 5/10

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