Sweetwater Summer Hummer

Sweetwater Brewing Co


Mmm, Summer Hummer. I just love to say that name. Puts a smile on the face, don't it? Well, guess what? The beer puts just as big a smile on the face. This may have become my single most favoritest Sweetwater beer yet, so much that I have to knock Blue down in the ratings and put this in its spot. It's got a solid, not subtle, orange and coriander flavor, with a nice wheat body. A lot of American wheats come across as too weak, like they hold back on the malt to let the spices come out (that's why I didn't like Ommegang Wit too much), but not this. You can taste the beer, not just the spice. Plus, let's face it. The name makes you think of BJ's. God bless Sweetwater and their sexually suggestive beer names.

Reviewed: December 03, 2005

Rating: 9/10

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