Bridgeport Black Strap Stout

Bridgeport Brewing Co


I just really shouldn't buy porters or stouts in the summertime. Here in the ghastly heat of Central Texas, big beers just don't go down well. This is IPA weather. Still, I'd heard good things about this particular stout, so I gave it a go. My first impression was "ew, motor oil", but that particular day I had had an IPA or two before the stout. Since then I've had it alone, and it's pretty decent. Black as pitch, and doesn't let a ray of light through when held up to the sun. Hoppy with dark roast accents. Not very sweet at all. I've had better stouts, but this one is still pretty nice all on its own, thank you very much.

Reviewed: December 10, 2005

Rating: 7/10

I've heard lots of hype over this brewery, but I have to say Black Strap didn't necessarily live up to it. It was good, mind you, but I think I was expecting more. Maybe when I was drinking this I was more in the mood for something with more chocolate or coffee. Maybe it wasn't a cold-weather beer, like I was looking for. No sure, but while above average, it didn't cross the line between "good" and "great."

Reviewed: August 26, 2006

Rating: 6/10

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