Baltus OVS

Heavyweight Brewing


According to the label, this is the Frankenstein of beers. English pale malts, German wheat, Belgian raw sugar, American dark malt for color, and European ale yeast. Basically, the final product will remind you of a Belgian Dubbel Trappist ale. Which is a good thing, as I happen to like a good Dubbel. This had a nice dark brown color, and a sweet flavor above all others. Not syrupy sweet, but fruity sweet, like over-ripe plums. Add to that the 8.2% abv, and you have a very pleasant beer-drinking experience. I'm honestly impressed that my home state of NJ could produce something as yummy as this. Good for them, now if only they could do something about saying "Yous Guys".

Reviewed: January 21, 2006

Rating: 7/10

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