Molson Breweries


A long standing Saskatchewan classic. Available almost everywhere in Saskatchewan and for a long time not anywhere else. Molson bought the local brewer that made "Boh" in the 60's. They waited until the 90's before they started f'ing around with the ingredients. And now they sell it as an adjunct in Ontario. They're killing a part of Saskatchewan those mega brew bastards! Well before people get that upset they should ask themselves if "Boh" has ever been that much better than the likes of "Canadian" anyway. It's hard for me to say. The current "Boh" that you'll find in Saskatchewan is an inexpensive working man's beer. Straightforward beer taste, nothing special. It's easy drinking with low carbonation. It starts crisp, has a light body, and little aftertaste. It gets better the more you drink, provided it's cold. It's also good and cheap. I'll have to try the "Boh" that`s sold in Ontario in order to see if I can taste a difference.

Reviewed: December 31, 2005

Rating: 4/10

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