Lamar St Pale Ale

Whole Foods Inc


When my wife called me from Whole Foods in Atlanta to find out what to bring me back, she read off this one and I asked her to look into it since I hadn't heard of it. When she said it was brewed by Goose Island I told her to definitely pick up a sixer. I wasn't sure how a Goose Island beer had slipped under my radar. Now I know. Apparently it's contract-brewed for Whole Foods and only available in their stores. Hence, I'm listing them as the brewery and not Goose Island, because this is no Goose Island beer. There's nothing offensive about it as far as aroma, taste, etc., but if you're offended by weakness this beer might as well have spit in your mother's face. There's just not much to it. The malt profile doesn't come's too weak. The hops don't show up either...too weak. Lamar St Extra Pale Ale would be more fitting, but Extra Extra Extra Pale Ale nails it.

Reviewed: February 05, 2006

Rating: 3/10

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