Alamo Golden Ale

Alamo Beer Co


For the record, the website is a bit disingenuous; this beer is actually brewed by the friendly folks at Real Ale in Blanco. Yes, that could be construed as "a day's ride" from San Antone, so they're not just lying through their teeth. Still, I wish Real Ale got a little more credit, because they put out such good product. This is different from their other beers. Lighter color, piney hop aroma and flavor. At first, it put me off a little bit, but it grew on me through the first pint--probably because it had a chance to warm a little. All in all, it's another good beer from a solid beer company. What the heck: if you can look past John Wayne playing Davy Crockett, surely you can look past the gimmicky label and give this beer a try. What, do I have to pull my sabre and draw a line in the sand?

Reviewed: March 11, 2006

Rating: 6/10

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