Real Ale Rio Blanco Pale Ale

Real Ale Brewing Co


"He married a fat widder over on the Blanco River and had 'im a passel of kids." Gus McRae's words ring through my head every time I crack one of these open. Why? Because I have no life. Because unimportant things ping about in my brain all the time, while useful ideas just leak right out onto the ground. Be that as it may, if you can ignore my perseverations I think you would find this to be a very pleasant beer indeed. Crisp and hoppy, with just a hint of sweetness. A nice little ale to quaff in the depths of summer. Those ol' boys down in Blanco know how to put together a solid beer. "'I god, Woodrow..."

Reviewed: March 19, 2006

Rating: 7/10

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