Perkuno's Hammer Imperial Porter

Heavyweight Brewing


Perkuno, in Lithuanian mythology, is the god of thunder, lightning and rain. Go ahead, look it up. I realize my track record for "facts" is not "good." But I actually researched this one. Why would I care about the name more then the beer? Because with 2 hours of sleep, a cranky baby, and a long day at work, I flat out fell asleep while drinking this. And after I awoke, I polished it off and went to bed. No notes, no nothing. I do like porters, and I found this drinkable, but if you want my honest opinion, it's this: at 8% ABV, if you're not wide awake, this is your bed-time beer. So why the name? It's a Baltic-style porter. Lithuania is one of the Baltic States. This beer will hit you like a hammer. Get it? If not, then you never will.

Reviewed: March 11, 2006

Rating: 6/10

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