Great Western Lager

Great Western Brewing


The story behind this brewery is as follows. Back in 1989 Molson bought out Carling O'Keefe and as a result of that takeover they closed down several of their newly acquired breweries and jobs were lost. Well in Saskatoon 16 "former" employees of Carling O'Keefe pooled their resources and bought the recently closed brewery from Molson in an effort to save their jobs. Fast forward several years and Great Western makes a lot better beer than what spews out of Molson's taps. GW Lager is your straight forward clean tasting lager. Not overly carbonated, not watered down, and not overpowering. And it tastes good. It has a wonderful hop flavour and smooth bitter finish. The type of beer that's easy drinking without sacrificing any taste. You'll likely only find it in Western Canada (particularly Saskatchewan) where it'll be priced just as low as the mega brews, which makes this an excellent value beer. It's head and shoulders above anything else in it's price bracket. If you find this beer somewhere else and have to pay microbrew prices, well it's probably still good enough to hold it's own.

Reviewed: March 11, 2006

Rating: 7/10

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