Bell's Two Hearted Ale

Kalamazoo Brewing Co


Kalamazoo (more widely known under the "Bell's" name) is a highly regarded brewer, and I know some very knowledgeable people who consider Two Hearted to be their favorite beer, so I was kind of disappointed that this beer didn't absolutely floor me. Don't get me wrong, I guess it can be compared to the first time I ever had sex. That was an absolutely thrilling moment, but was it by far my best performance ever? Not even close. As far as IPA's go, it is a good one, proof that Europeans are morons when they criticize American beer. Hearty floral aroma which gave this a nice citrus zing, and I'll definitely come back and try other Bell's beers because of this one, but I guess I was expecting a 10.

Reviewed: May 13, 2006

Rating: 7/10

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