Sockeye Red IPA

Midnight Sun Brewing Co


Another beer brewed in Utah for an Alaskan brewery. This one wasn't as good (although I wasn't doing yardwork, so who knows). I'm wondering if I went to Alaska, would I find any beers brewed there at all? Or is this some elaborate ruse by the Utah brewery so they aren't held responsible? "Sorry, sir, we have nothing to do with the recipe, we're just brewing it for an Alaskan brewery." "Alaska, huh?" "Yep." "Damn, I really wanted to complain about this beer, but Alaska, man, that's far away." "(snicker) Yes sir, it sure is." Yeah, it's not great, but not bad enough to go to Alaska (or Utah, for that matter) to complain about it.

Reviewed: July 23, 2005

Rating: 3/10

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