Wailing Wench Ale

Middle Ages Brewing Co


There is a beautiful woman on the label. Picture: Mid 80's Molly Ringwald, with long red hair, fantastic cleavage, in a "beer wench" costume (like that found at Rennaisance festivals), with her mouth opened in...how do I put this?....fellatio mode. Yeah, that's the best way to phrase it, I think. Just absolutely beautiful. Of course, the wonderful label made me automatically think the beer would blow, much like the Molly lookalike is about to. But friends, I am here to tell you this beer most certainly did not blow. In fact, I will sing its praises. Wonderfully hopped, this is an extreme beer, an American strong ale. I could both drink this all day, and stare at the label all day. An almost-perfect drinking experience.

Reviewed: August 13, 2006

Rating: 9/10

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