Bridgeport ESB

Bridgeport Brewing Co


Stop the bloody presses!! It's quite possible I might have discovered yet another nearly-perfect beer (please, let there never be a perfect beer. Then my quest would be done). I stumbled onto this today, and in my haste, I only picked up a sixer--much to my regret. A smile broke across my face as I poured it: a burnished amber, with a buffy head. Inhaled deeply: mmm...malts, heather, spruce, trout streams. Took a sip, and went weak in the knees. Ahh...nectar. Malty, hoppy, sweet, complex. This beer is an out-of-the-park homerun! If you see this in the cooler, you OWE it to your taste buds to try it. I'm going back for more...

Reviewed: August 05, 2006

Rating: 9/10

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