Session Premium Lager

Full Sail Brewing Co


Strictly an impulse buy at first. Saw the stubby bottles and was intrigued. My interest picked up a bit when I saw this was brewed by Full Sail, who's better known for its ales. Last night, when I tried it the first time, I was disappointed and a little peeved I'd spent the money. Today, though, as I sit and write this review with a Session in hand, I'm feeling more forgiving. Must've been in a bad mood last night. This is golden yellow in color, lightly carbonated, full flavor but not heavy. Their website touts this is only made with malted barley--no adjuncts. If I had to compare this to lagers I've had in the past, I'd say this is definitely better than Yuengling and about as good as Capital 1900. I may have found myself a new lawnmower beer, because I could definitely drink a passel of these in one hot sweaty summer afternoon. Oh: and maybe I'll put a mouse in one of the stubbies, eh, and take it to the brewery and say, "We heard if you found a mouse in your beer you'd get free beer, eh?"

Reviewed: August 26, 2006

Rating: 6/10

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