Arriba Importada

Cerveceria La Constancia S.A.

El Salvador

The ONLY reason I'm reviewing this beer is because of my mission to review beers not available for the most part east of the Mississippi. I knew this was gonna be bad when I picked it up. Pale urine yellow, clear bottle just like Corona. Smells just as bad as Corona, and skunked, too, just to add to the pleasant experience. Tastes like sweat. Skunk sweat. Yummy. I'm getting stomach cramps writing this, just from the memory. I even shoved a lime wedge in one, to see if that would improve the flavor any. Yummy. Lime-flavored skunk sweat. How low I'll stoop for you people. Sigh...

Reviewed: September 09, 2006

Rating: 1/10

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