Stoudt's Weizen

Stoudt's Brewing Co


I know there are decent US-brewed Hefeweizen out there. I've seen them. I've drank them, I've reveled in their glory. This isn't one of them. I'm probably a little harsher then I should be, because this is my favorite style and I'm biased, but I guess I'm tired of mediocre performances. It was a drinkable Weizen, it was close to the style, but it was weak. It was missing the banana-clove aromas and that wheaty finish that I love so much, and the citrus background wasn't strong enough. The groundwork is good, but I think they need to work on it. Until then, all I can do is simply say it's better then Pyramid, Saranac or Harpoon, and that isn't saying much.

Reviewed: September 23, 2006

Rating: 3/10

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