Avery Maharaja Imperial IPA

Avery Brewing Co


Wow. I've had this bomber for about a month. When I could stand it no longer, I cracked it open, poured it evenly into two pint glasses, and offered my wife one. She took one sip and politely declined the rest; she's not into big beers. But I'm God's own drunk and a fearless man, so I accepted the challenge. Twenty-two ounces of hoppy amber goodness. Damn, I think I've been violated. Intense malty sweet flavors, and the hops just assaulted my taste buds. A real knock-out, but at 9.9% abv, I was obviously done for the evening. I'm pretty sure if Gandhi had gotten to try this he'd have exclaimed, "Holy cow!"

Reviewed: September 16, 2006

Rating: 8/10

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