Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co


A slight raspberry scent, fresh taste, and dry aftertaste make this an excellent summer beer. Surprisingly, this travelled very well across country from California, a state well known for its smog, among other things. And of course, that fact makes this beer seem even better.


Rating: 8/10

From the US's 2nd largest premium craft brewery (behind Boston Beer Co, ahead of Leinenkugel), I've read that this is the beer that got the craft/microbrew trend started back in the 80's. And a great way to do it, too. Nice flowery aroma, sweet, fruity taste, somewhat berry like, and a nice malty texture, this ale had it all. Definitely a kick-ass experience. I might actually have to keep a six pack on-hand. Maybe I can use this to convert my neighbor, who's a Coors Light guy.

Reviewed: November 22, 2003

Rating: 9/10

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