Kronenbourg 1664

Brasseries Kronenbourg


Often, we are told by a plethora of people to try a particular beer. And aside from the Budweiser fanatics, more often then not, beers with high recommendations often live up to their reputation. Take Alexander Keith's and Czechvar. They were highly recommended and hard to find, and both were fantastic. And then there's Kronenbourg. Kronenbourg is one of those beers that I could've lived my whole life and been OK with not trying. It was quite simply nothing special. If I want a bland tasteless pale lager, I can go to my local Circle K, I don't need to go to SW Missouri (where I purchased this bottle). Now I know if I'm ever in France to look for a nice import from Belgium, Netherlands or Germany.

Reviewed: September 30, 2006

Rating: 2/10

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