Burgerbrau Lager Beer

Budejovicky Mestansky Pivovar

Czech Republic

Sigh...Steve was right. We've been chatting about this one on the Forums, and he mentioned being underwhelmed. I'm drinking one right now, and have to agree. It's a handsome golden color, and has an enticing malty aroma. But the flavor's just...I dunno, thin, I guess. Like a very watery Budvar. And even though this comes in a green bottle, I did NOT get a skunked batch, so it's not that. What a shame. I had high hopes for this beer.

Reviewed: October 21, 2006

Rating: 5/10

Sam's right, I was completely underwhelmed. Very disappointed indeed, probably the worst Czech beer I've had to date. This is how forgettable it was....I leave my bottles on the counter, waiting to review them, and my wife tossed this into the recycling and took it away. I had forgotten I reviewed it until Sam mentioned it in the TOBP Forum. Normally I'd be upset, but in this case I assumed it was Divine Intervention's attempt to remove this beer from my memory.

Reviewed: November 18, 2006

Rating: 2/10

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