Southern Pecan Brown ale

Lazy Magnolia Brewing Co


FINALLY! I've been hearing about this beer for over a year, but have been so frustrated in trying to find it. So, just recently, back home visiting the folks, I'm idly cruising the beer isle, and I blunder into a mini-keg of Southern Pecan Brown Ale. Hot dog! The holy grail! I gladly paid the price for it and a mini of Amberjaque Amber Ale. Couldn't wait to get them cold enough to drink. So finally the time was right. I tapped the keg, poured up a glass, and...yep, you guessed it. Completely underwhelmed. Oh, don't get me wrong. It wasn't terrible, and I'll definitely buy it again (support your local brewer and all), but I didn't even taste so much as a hint of pecans. It tasted like a very middle of the road brown ale, and brown ales aren't my favorite style. Still...the thrill of FINALLY finding the damned thing...

Reviewed: October 28, 2006

Rating: 6/10

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