North By Northwest Pyjingo Pale Ale

North by Northwest Restaurant and Brewpub


I had every intention of disliking this beer. NXNW, as the brewery likes to be known, is tucked into an upscale part of northwest Austin, surrounded by impossibly pretentious law offices and shopping boutiques. And I'd been here before, and don't remember thinking particularly highly of their beers in general. But we had just blown into town, and this was the only place we'd been to in the area where we knew we could get fresh beer. Now I don't know if I was just tired and therefore more forgiving, or if they've actually tightened up their recipe. At any rate, this was delicious. Spicy hops bite, bitter and slightly sweet. Somewhere between amber and gold in its hue. A very nice little number, and it paired nicely with my food, damnit. I guess it was just the redneck in me rebelling--or at least feeling guilty and sheepish--about having a beer with Duck Breast in Marsala Sauce over Polenta and Exotic Sautéed Vegetables. I felt I should have paired my meal with a saucy little Cabernet-Sauvignon, swirling it under my nose with my upper lip slightly curled, murmuring such tripe as "It's wretched in its self-assuredness, lewd yet demure, hinting coyly at licorice and kumquats." If you ever find yourself at NXNW, try the Pyjingo. Just please don't tell 'em I sent you. I'm embarrassed enough as it is.

Reviewed: December 09, 2006

Rating: 7/10

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