Schlafly Pilsner

St. Louis Brewery


On the downside, not the best microbrewed Pilsner style beer I've ever had. On the upside, it's far and away the single best St. Louis-brewed Pilsner I've ever had....Budweiser being the other one. Even if you factor in Budweiser's other breweries.....Cartersville GA, Newark NJ, etc etc, it's better. Noticeable hop presence, just like a Czech lager (something Budweiser doesn't have), this is actually closer to the Budweis style than Budweiser claims to be. If you're from St. Louis and claim to drink local, if you don't drink this, you should be kicked in the balls. Repeatedly. By a women's soccer player.

Reviewed: December 16, 2006

Rating: 5/10

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