Left Hand 10th Anniversary Oak-Aged Imperial Stout

Left Hand and Tabernash Brewing Co


Goodness. I'm about to get out of the "big beer" tasting business. It's kicking my ass. I poured this one up and was a little disappointed at the color; it was more of a deep mahogany/burnt amber sort of color, not jet-black as I was expecting. It also had very little aroma. So before the first sip, I really thought I had wasted my money. But, oh man, did I change my mind. Wow! This is silky-smooth, chocolatey and malty. Absolutely delicious. And at 9.9% ABV, it had an interesting alcoholic background, but I guess the oak aging really mellowed the edges. As you can imagine, after polishing off 22 oz. of this bad boy, I was pretty much ready for the sack. I'm starting to really groove on this oak-aging thing, but those high ABVs are going to age ME before my time.

Reviewed: February 04, 2007

Rating: 8/10

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