Traquair House Ale

Traquair House Brewery


This beer has so much going for it. Brewed in a lovely building on the grounds of Traquair House (ye Jacobites by name), based on hundreds of years of Scottish tradition. And such a handsome color it is in the glass; an enticing burnished walnut. It has a malty, fruity aroma. Before I tucked into it, I was anticipating a malty, hoppy, Scottish delight. But the flavors are a confusing mish-mash of plums, biscuits, currants, figs, you name it, they all seem to be in there. I was pretty put off. Maybe I should've let this age some before tackling it, but go ahead and pencil me in as not a fan.

Reviewed: February 17, 2007

Rating: 5/10

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