Shiner 97

Spoetzl Brewing Co


The next in Shiner's Seasonals heading up to their 100th anniversary, this one is a schwarzbier. Think Sam Adams Black Lager, but a little smokier. This is jet-black with vague ruby tones held to the light. Aroma is very light malt, but the flavor is smoky, malty sweetness. Man, this is good! Oddly, though, it tastes better to me straight from the bottle than it does in the glass. Regardless, I really hope Shiner considers making this a permanent seasonal, because it's REALLY tasty.

Reviewed: March 03, 2007

Rating: 8/10

I like my beer like I like my men....OK, not really. For the men part, I mean. I like Schwarzbiers plenty. Sam is right, a little smokier than Sam Adams. This would be a good year-round beer, and was great on 30-35 degree days. I'm really getting excited for Shiner 100. I didn't have it from the bottle, because I'm a hopeless beer glass snob, but I'll take Sam's word for it.

Reviewed: October 27, 2007

Rating: 7/10

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