Wild Hop Organic Lager



About two weeks ago, I was idly perusing the beer labels at the local grocery, hoping for something new. I came across Wild Hops and figured what the heck. Got it home, cracked it open, poured it up. Golden, mildly carbonated. Bland but inoffensive. A little lemony character, not at all bad, per se, but the label just plain bothered me. Too slick. And odd for a chain grocery to go out on a limb with something new and exciting. So I looked it up. Yep, I've been had once again. The label says "Green Valley Brewing", but it's brewed at the A-B facility in Fairfield, CA. How's that for cynical? Anheuser-Busch wants into the organic market. They want your money so badly, they're willing to misrepresent who brews the beer. And just like the ghastly World Select, Wild Hop is easily a dollar a sixer more than "regular" craft beers. If you REALLY want to go organic, and you're willing to cough up the dough, and you're willing to fund this subterfuge, go ahead. Me, I feel dirty. And duped.

Reviewed: March 03, 2007

Rating: 5/10

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