Breckenridge Vanilla Porter

Breckenridge Brewery


Well it certainly is vanilla. Handsome coffee-black with ruby highlights held to the light, with a thin tan head. But the aroma and the flavor are pretty overwhelmingly vanilla. Don't get me wrong; it didn't taste BAD, it just was too sweet for my taste buds. Try it for yourself, it may be your kind of drink. I personally was glad I only bought one bottle.

Reviewed: April 07, 2007

Rating: 6/10

Psst. Hey. Come here. Yeah, that guy Sam? Don't listen to him, he's high. Probably on industrial strength pain meds. This beer was awesome. It was like dessert. It was absolutely friggin' dessert. In fact, I want to buy this again and put a dollop of ice cream into it and make a beer float. The vanilla definitely punched through and added a nice sweetness to the roasted malts of the porter, and just made a wonderful after-dinner beer for a warm summer night. This thrilled me so much more than the 471 Small Batch beers should have, but didn't. The vanilla isn't for everyone, obviously, but I liked it.

Reviewed: June 06, 2010

Rating: 8/10

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