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This is the New South Wales megabrew. It's kind of like Sydney itself, sterile and without a lot of character. (That's not fair, I only visited Sydney for a couple of days and the city I live in could easily be described the same way upon first glance.) Back to the beer, which is non offensive and easy drinking. It's a thirst quencher and not a bad one at that. But you know I didn't taste a lot of hops in this beer nor did I really taste a whole lot of anything. Not all that bad but not necessarily good either.

Reviewed: April 01, 2007

Rating: 4/10

This tastes like one of those beers that markets itself as having no aftertaste, as though aftertaste is a bad thing. This actually has no taste to speak of whatsoever. Now, some might find that bad in a beer, but I've learned more and more about Australia over the years, and I've discovered that there are approximately 1,324,578 things on that continent that can kill you, from the heat, to the reptiles, to the plants, the sea creatures surrounding that continent, and even the professional athletes. So, when surrounded by the constant threat of death, I can only imagine they want to drink something as non-threatening and unaggressive as possible, so they choose Tooheys New lager. At least in New South Wales. I bet the folks in Queensland hit something a little harder with flavor.

Reviewed: September 12, 2009

Rating: 1/10

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