Lakeport Honey Lager

Lakeport Beverage Corporation


This beer is dirt cheep and all the kids buy the stuff. It's as if it's trendy without really being trendy at all. You see, "honey" beers are trendy in Canada. Sleeman made a name for itself with their honey brown and now everyone wants to cash in on the popularity of that style. So this is clearly the low budget answer to the honey brown craze. At $1 a beer, this stuff is will soon turn up at your friends cottage, the next camping trip, or a backyard bbq. So how does it taste? Well it's watery with a basic lager taste. There's a bit of a honey taste in there, but it's faint. This leaves you with a beer breath aftertaste and before too long some chemical induced sickness. Although really you can drink 4 or 5 of these before that really kicks in. Overall it's easy drinking and decent. For the price its not really anything you wouldn't expect.

Reviewed: April 15, 2007

Rating: 4/10

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