Flying Dog Heller Hound Maibock

Flying Dog Brewery LLC


A nice addition to what is turning out to be a nice, albeit dry, Spring. Nice and solid, good hop flavor in the background, but also a nice malty smoothness. I wouldn't mind having a six pack of this around, this may be my favorite of the Flying Dog family. I really enjoyed this, it's a perfect beer to shake off Winter and welcome Spring.

Reviewed: April 07, 2007

Rating: 8/10

It's easy for me to say this is my favorite Flying Dog beer, as I've only had a few of them. Of course, don't take that to mean it was anything but an excellent tasting beer. The label leaves much to be desired, but then again, we don't drink beer for the label. If my wife wouldn't kill me, I'd stock our fridge full of this.

Reviewed: January 12, 2008

Rating: 9/10

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