Avery Thirteen

Avery Brewing Co


This is Avery's 13th anniversary special release, one that I could find few faults with. It combined two of my favorite styles, a Doppelbock and a Weizen. Weizen Doppelbocks are pretty rare (I can only think of a couple others off-hand), but if you wanted to guarantee me as a customer, this would be the way to do it, by brewing one. It had a wonderful sweet maltiness, with a beautiful deep red color. With the rich bread-like flavor, this was almost a meal unto itself, yet it was very drinkable due to the wheat malt. It was Capital's Weizen Doppelbock that made me fall in love with them, and it was Avery's that made me do likewise with Avery as well.

Reviewed: December 08, 2007

Rating: 9/10

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