Flying Dog Dogtoberfest

Flying Dog Brewery LLC


I don't like Flying Dog brews just because the brewery sends them to us for free. No, they put out a great product as well. I have no idea if Dogtoberfest makes the grade in Germany during Oktoberfest, as I've never been there for it, but I can tell you that being here in New Jersey in the middle of August, it's a damn fine brew. Chock full of flavor, but not too hoppy, this is definitely something I'd get again.

Reviewed: October 06, 2007

Rating: 8/10

Flying Dog should be pretty damn honored, seeing as how I made their Festbier the first one of the season which I tried. Well, then again, seeing as how they sent this sample to me for free, I guess that's the least I could do. I think it would've been downright ungrateful of me to wait until, say, December to try their Oktoberfest. It also would've been wasteful, as this was a lovely example of the style. So few US breweries put out Oktoberfest styles, so I enjoy them when I can, and this one I enjoyed. It had that nice sweet malty flavor, with a gorgeous copper color, and I think I might see if a six pack of this is available near me. It's too warm here in Atlanta to drink this now, but by mid-October, it might be more enjoyable.

Reviewed: October 06, 2007

Rating: 7/10

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