Sweetwater Road Trip

Sweetwater Brewing Co


Interesting name for a beer, but not as interesting as the fact that Mothers Against Drunk Driving hasn't maintained a 24/7 vigil outside Sweetwater's brewery. See, the whole idea of mixing alcohol with traveling by car tends to get under their skin a bit. But, aside from that, what we have here is a nice hybrid beer, that started out as a pilsner, but the brewers threw in ale yeast, creating a kind of cream ale. It's light, refreshing, and overall a good session beer that's perfect for backyard BBQ's. If they canned this, I'd keep a case on-hand at all times for picnics and trips to the pool. Putting away a six pack in one sitting is quite easy. Now, where the hell are my damn car keys?

Reviewed: December 22, 2007

Rating: 4/10

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