North By Northwest Blackjack Ale

North by Northwest Restaurant and Brewpub


We hit NXNW recently during a very busy lunch hour. Our waiter, who was very busy yet very attentive, breathlessly described the Blackjack as their Okanogan aged in bourbon whiskey barrels. Sounded gimmicky to me, but I ordered it just the same. It arrived in a tulip glass--out of character for NXNW, which usually sends out all its beers in their logoed pint glasses. Jet black with vague ruby tones, thin, tan head. Brilliant bourbon aroma and oh, man: that first sip knocked my socks off! The bourbon flavor was present without overpowering. I couldn't quit raving about it (I think the harried waiter thought I'd lost my mind). This was a delicious dessert beer, and tasted even better paired with the couple bites of peanut butter-strawbery cheesecake my daughter let me sneak. A real stand-out, and apparently something the brewmaster only puts out occasionally in small batches. If you're ever at NXNW and this happens to be on the beer menu, I strongly recommend trying it after your meal. Thumbs up!

Reviewed: February 16, 2008

Rating: 9/10

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