Fuller's Vintage Ale (2005)

Fuller, Smith and Turner plc


I bought this at some point in 2006, and waited for a special occasion to drink it. I never quite came across one, but one came across me last week, when my friends Kris and Melissa welcomed their first baby, John Stephen, into the world. From 800 miles away, I poured this and raised this glass in John Stephen's honor. It could've been the blessed event, it could've been the wonderful beer, but tears literally came from my eyes as I was overwhelmed with emotion at the moment. Part of it was the lovely Scotch whiskey undertones in this ale, part of it was the emotion knowing there was now a child that shared my name. Will you get the same effect from drinking this? Well, if you wait for such a special occasion, maybe. Maybe not. But if you buy one of the Fuller's Vintage series, please don't drink it simply because "hell, it's Saturday." At least wait until something special comes up. A wedding. A birth. The 2008 presidential election. You get the idea.

Reviewed: December 02, 2007

Rating: 9/10

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