Pete's Wicked Strawberry Blonde

Pete's Brewing Co


This has a noticeable flavor, like a strawberry shortcake. That cake flavor carries into the taste, as well. A standard lager, with strawberry flavoring added, would make an OK desert beer, or something for a hot summer day at a BBQ, if you want your friends to make merciless fun of you. If Corona drinkers actually want to start drinking beer at some point, I would recommend they try this. First, it has a light flavor, so it wont offend them too much, and since it already has fruit in it, they wont look like wankers adding it later. This might sit better with most women, too. Yes, that is sexist, but marketing research has shown that beer tends to turn women off (women, not college girls). Blame the research, not me. Overall, drinkable, but not one Id shell out money for, because this is nothing original.

Reviewed: October 18, 2003

Rating: 5/10

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