Great Divide Saint Bridget's Porter

Great Divide Brewing Co


Saint Bridget is a Patron Saint of Ireland, and supposedly is known for turning her bathwater into beer for some visiting clerics (I couldn't find that story on her Wikipedia site, so it must be true). This would be the earliest documented case of a man saying, "Damn, she's so hot, I'd drink her bathwater." Saint Bridget obviously took them up on it (the harlot!), and they were too enamored...or know the difference (TOBP....come for the beer reviews, stay for the historical facts). In reality, it could just be that she recycled her bathwater and used it to brew beer. So I have to believe Great Divide's version is better than Bridget's original bathwater. For one thing, there are no Klingon's in this beer. Hey-yoo!!! Nice beer, good chocolate/coffee flavor, and much better than bathwater. Unless we're talking about St. Bridget, cause she was grr, baby. Very grrr.

Reviewed: April 26, 2008

Rating: 7/10

Dang. I coulda sworn I'd already reviewed this beer 'til I saw Steve's review in the queue. Um...yeah, what he said, only I ain't drinkin' NOBODY'S bathwater., Steve, you nasty.

Reviewed: July 06, 2008

Rating: 8/10

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