Zatec Lager

Zateck√Ĺ Pivovar

Czech Republic

Zatec is the Czech word for one of the most famous words in brewing....."Saaz," as in Saaz Hops, the variety of hops that are grown in that region. Yes, readers, I finally did some actual research (technically, I stumbled across this info). Zatec is Czech for Saaz. The floral aroma and taste are immediately evident. I guess when your beer shares the same name as one of the most famous varieties of hops, and one of the most famous hop-growing regions in the world, it damn well better have that strong floral aroma. Now if only Budweiser could actually taste as though it was brewed in the Budweis/Budejovice region of the Czech Republic (oh snap!).

Reviewed: June 01, 2008

Rating: 5/10

Well, hell. Another one I thought I'd reviewed 'til I saw Steve's review. Either Alzheimer's has hit me early or I've finally fried that last synapse crucial for long-term memory (what's my name again?). At any rate, my local carries this regularly now, and for the life of me I do not know why I don't pick up a bottle more often. Really good stuff. Handsome golden yellow, malty and hoppy. A good, solid, sturdy beer. Or so I remember. Or think I remember...

Reviewed: September 21, 2008

Rating: 6/10

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