Baron's Black Wattle Superior

Baron's Brewing Co


Wow. This was really intriguing. And surprisingly delicious. Brewed with wattle seed--apparently a shrub or type of herb indigenous to Australia--as well as barley and wheat, this poured a deep dark mahogany, nearly the color of a porter. But it had the aroma and flavor reminiscent of a rye ale, in my opinion. I thought it was quite good, and look forward to finishing off the rest of the (pretty pricey) sixer. It's apparently pretty new to the states; try it if you see it.

Reviewed: February 09, 2008

Rating: 8/10

Wattle Seed is one of those indigenous ingredients in many Australian food-related items, from bread, to beer, to, umm, bread again I guess. Hell, I just googled it, I didn't actually click on any of the links or anything. If the Aboriginals could eat it, they apparently seasoned it with Wattle Seed. So it's a fair bet the Aussie teens are smoking it like it's becoming illegal. Anyway, it's a step above the regular Baron's lager. Nice dark color, a little thicker in flavor, but it's a nice malty, sweet dark beer. With the color, I was expecting a roasted flavor, but it still had a thicker malty flavor. I might actually go for a whole six pack next time.

Reviewed: July 06, 2008

Rating: 6/10

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