Imperial (Costa Rica)

Productora La Florida, S.A.

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The label is oh-so Germanic, with some fierce looking bird, colored black, with outstretched wings. And at that point, the wheels fall off the wagon. Upon closer look, the bird looks like it's a weird turkey and exotic bird combination, and it's holding a towel in its talons in a manner indicative of someone doing a two-handed ass-wiping motion with a towel. Oh, and speaking of ass-wiping, while going for the Germanic lager look with the label, they went with a taste similar to Mexico's clear-bottle lagers (Corona, Sol, etc). All packaged in a brown bottle. So yeah, I didn't think too highly of this. It's like the copied all the wrong parts of different beers. Oh, one last thing. Imperial? Seriously? The Empire of Costa Rica? Are you kidding me?

Reviewed: October 18, 2008

Rating: 1/10

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